How To Use Our Products

Example 1. New and used vehicle dealers have used our promotion for years. They will send out a mailer with a key and an invitation to return to the dealership with their key to try and unlock the chest. If the lock opens the client will win a prize - perhaps a new car!

Example 2. A bank in the Midwest was interested in running a promotion to attract new checking account holders. They sent a key on a post cart to the zip code in their neighborhood. Their offer was to try the key in the lock and win instant cash to start their new account with.

Example 3. Apartment building owners offer a key every time the rent is paid on time. prizes can be anything from free laundry tokens to discounts off the rent.

Example 4. Exhibitors at tradeshows have achieved great success by sending a key in a pre-show mailing with an invitation to visit the booth and try to open the chest.

Summary. The possibilities are endless. You pick the event, you pick the percentage of "winners," and you pick the prizes. This is a promotion proven winner!